Would you like to display events to your visitors on your website? Would you like your visitors to be able to see your events in a monthly calendar format?

The scriptcalendar is the answer you have been looking for. It is a javascript event calendar. It shows your events in a monthly calendar format. You’ll create events and present them on screen. You can customize the calendar by using one of the themes provided, modifying a theme, or you can create a theme of your own.

You place the calendar on a page with one simple HTML tag…

If you want to turn this feature off go into the Settings app and scroll down to Calendar At the bottom is a toggle for
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The scriptcalendar is completely javascript, and javascript only. It will run on any website with any type of hosting. It does not require server side scripting languages like PHP. But, it can be used on a PHP website.

You configure the calendar through the various properties. You control how the navigation is displayed, what day the week begins one, and so on. All the properties are explained in the user guide.

Plus, the calendar is CSS based. You can choose an existing theme for your calendar, modify an existing theme. Or you can choose to create your own CSS to make the calendar unique to your website. The user guide also contains information on the CSS class names.

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The scriptcalendar was built from the ground up to display events. There are several types you can create. The following list is an example of some of the events you can create.

  • Create multiple events in a single day by adding events to the same date. The calendar will show each event in the order you created them.
  • Create recurring events on any schedule you desire. You can make events appear Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly or any other time frame.
  • Easily create holiday events such as Memorial Day or Thanksgiving. These holidays do not occur on the same day every year. Even holidays like Easter and Fat Tuesday are available.
  • Write events that appear outside the month being displayed.
  • The included event editor assists you with writing events


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