Event planning and promotion go hand in hand. Rather the promotional aspect is a part of the event planning process. While you plan to go about with the registration and payment processes, you also have to think of ways to promote it on all possible channels or platforms to increase your event attendance and generate maximum ROI!

In this article I will share with you the 5 most important and innovative ideas of event promotion.

Post on Your Website

Your business website has the potentiality to reach out to the maximum number of people. How do I know this? Well, it is because all your existing customers are already checking out your website regularly to see the new products you have on offer; plus access all kinds of information associated with your company. Thus, it is very easy to draw the attention of the regular visitors to your website. With the right kind of event management tools, all you need to do is to post a feed of your upcoming events on the website. You don’t need to manage the feeds manually, as the website gets automatically updated for every new event you publish.

Publish an Event Calendar

One of the best ways to increase event attendance is by creating an event calendar. You can set up an online event calendar in minutes. Upload the same on your website for potential attendees to check out the upcoming event schedules. This will help them to set a reminder on the event and avoid clashes during the same time or date with any other fixtures. Plus, another benefit of maintaining an event calendar is that you can link each event to the registration page or the event homepage for individuals to instantly sign up.

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Emails and Social Media Tools

Try to reach out to your current and potential prospects via emails. Send an email instantly to a single person or a group of people. It is cost-effective promotional tool; since you don’t need to spend money on printing hard-copy letters and send them by post or courier. It is better to avoid headlines such as: “Register Now” or “Get 25% Discount on Registration”. You should come up with a headline that is more ‘to the point’ and touches the heart of the people. Besides, there are the obvious social media platforms to promote your events to online users. Use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. to build up a strong network with online users. This tactic is an effective route to higher event attendance.

Post in Public Event Directories

Promote your events on relevant places where a section of your prospects are looking for events. That is the public listings. You can push your events out automatically to sites like “Events in America” and “SocialVents”.

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Reach Out to More People

In addition to promoting your events online, why not try out the offline route as well! Contact your local printing press and print leaflets to paste or distribute them manually at various strategic locations. You can also plan to publish adverts on the local and national newspapers to create awareness of your event locally!


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